"Invalid Database Specification" occurs when logging into Sage 300 ERP

Problem Description:

The following error message may be received when logging into a Sage 300 ERP Company:

"Invalid Database Specification"



This message occurs when Sage 300 is opened. When the program is opened, it attempts to connect to the data.  This error indicates a connection problem.

One of the following will normally resolve this error:

  1. User may have insufficient rights: turn off the UAC controls, and / or give the user local administrator rights.
  2. Check database setup.  Ensure the connection is made using the SQL server name, not an odbc data source connection.
  3. Disable the firewall that may be blocking traffic.  If that resolves it, enable the firewall and make an exception to allow the program through the firewall.
  4. Re-install or repair the SQL Native Client driver


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