An error has occurred during the processing of Calculate Payroll. The error returned was 100

Problem Details: 

The following error may be displayed when performing a payroll calculation:

"An error has occurred during the processing of Calculate Payroll.  The error returned was 100.  The operation being performed was a viewOpen Call to (Null).  MainInit-10. Source 13.46.22"



This error results when the tax update, which is active for the specific database, is not installed on the machine where payroll is being run.  This can be confirmed by going to Help / System Information and checking which payroll tax update is active.  This is indicated by a red check mark beside the ID in the Applications box.  A blank Name field, indicates the program is not installed. 

The options are to run the payroll on a machine where the payroll tax update is already installed, or to install the tax update on the machine where it is missing.  For assistance installing the tax update - check this article: Installing & Activating the Payroll Tax Update (note that the tax update is already activated; only the installation on the workstation is not complete).


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