Error when importing Budgets

Problem Details:

In GL Accounts / Budget Maintenance, trying to import budgets from an Excel spreadsheet gives the following error:

"error: Table Fiscal_Sets does not exist. Please specify an existing table. "



The budget import process is looking for a named range (not a worksheet) called Fiscal_Sets.  

If you have exported the budget to get a file template for importing, this named range will already have been setup for you.  However, if the import file is being created from 'scratch' or as one worksheet in a workbook, using links and calculations, then it will be necessary for you to assign the Fiscal_Sets range manually. 

In Excel, go to Formulas / Name Manager.  Click on New and give the range the name Fiscal_Sets.  Define the range of cells that Sage will look at for importing.  Click OK and then save the Excel file and restart the import process. 


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