Posting Entries to Control Accounts

Problem Details:

User needs to post adjusting entries to an AR or AP control account, and the following message comes up:

"Account ___ is a control account and does not support subledger GL."



Usually adjusting entries are done to control accounts through the General Ledger to bring the sub-ledger accounts into balance with the GL control account.  This is not something that is expected to happen regularly, but only in isolated or extraordinary circumstances. 

In order to make these entries, we have to allow entries from GL into that account. Go to GL Accounts / Accounts and open the account.  On the Details tab, the 'Control Account' option will be selected.  One option is to turn this function off and save the account.  Then post your entry.  However, a better solution will be to leave the control account option turned on and then go to the Subledger tab.  Add GL to the subledger list and save.  Enter and post the adjustment.  Once the adjustment is completed, go back to the account and remove GL from the subledger tab.  This will again ensure that no entries from anywhere besides the desired module will post into that account - helping to keep it in balance with the GL.

This not only applies to AP and AR, but also for IC or any module and account that is specified as a control account. 


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