Importing into GL Account Code Changer

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How to import changes into the GL Account Code Change utility, instead of manually entering one line at a time.



This utility is very effective, but also very old and so the importing function is limited.  There is no export function, so we cannot generate a template from an export.  The import file needs to be created in one of the following formats:

  • Lotus 123
  • MS Excel
  • Dbase lll and higher
  • FoxPro and Clipper
  • ASCll comma-separated text file

(I told you this was an old utility!)

For purposes of this article, we are assuming an import file created in Excel.  The first row is the header row, and you can input the field names, or you can leave them blank.  The fields, in order, are: 

  1. Old Account Code
  2. New Account Code
  3. Action Type
  4. New Structure Code
  5. Description

The Action Types for Field 3 are:

  • Change - enter 0
  • Combine - enter 1
  • Copy - enter 2

In the example below, account 1000 is being changed into account 1001, and account 1200 is being combined into account 1250. 

Note that the structure code field and the description field must have values in them.  They cannot be left blank. (although the Description field can have a space in it, and then the description will be drawn from the existing GL account during import)

When the Excel file is saved, ensure that you save it as 5.0/95 Workbook.  (Did we mention that this is an old utility?) Note:  in the newer versions of Excel, the 5.0/95 Workbook option no longer exists. Therefore, you can save this import file as a .csv and Sage will recognize that as well. 

Once the file is saved, open GL Account Code Change and click on File / Import.  Browse to your file and import.  The change list will be populated with your changes, and if one or more lines are rejected, a reason will be supplied.

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