'No Billing Lines to Post' error in Service Manager

Problem Details:

Trying to post an invoice or credit note to a work order gives the following error:

'No billing lines to post' when there are billing lines on the order.



Running a data integrity check for Service Manager shows the following error, referencing the specific work order with 'no billing lines' problem: 

Document Header (VM0050)
Error(s) in Document Sale: (doc number)
E: Error in Totals WDSITEMCNT (Stored = 1, Tallied = 2)

This indicates some corruption in the record.  There is a built-in utility in Service Manager that will help with this problem.  Logon to Sage as ADMIN and open Service Manager / VM Documents / Document Entry.  Open the affected document.  Click on Tools / ADMIN Utilities.  Select the option to 'Recalculate Document Totals' and click Accept.  Save the document.  Try the posting again.



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