Sage 300 ERP program windows are still open

Problem Details:

When trying to exit from Sage 300 the following message appears, and the user cannot logout. 

"Incorrect Procedure:  Sage 300 ERP progam windows are still open.  You must close them"



Locate the program windows that are open and close them before attempting to logout from Sage 300.  However, if all program windows appear to be closed, but the error persists, it may be due to a file locking issue. 

Right click on the taskbar and click on Start Task Manager.  Check the Applications tab for any Sage 300 program that may be open (besides the Sage 300 ERP Desktop).  If you find a program there, highlight it, and click on End Task.  Check the Processes tab.  Under the Image Name column, look for a4wContainerXP.exe*32.  Each Sage process that is open will have one of these files on this tab.  Highlight and click on End Process.  Now go back to your Sage 300 and try to logout again.

Another alternative is to reboot the workstation, if the program files are locally installed, or reboot the terminal server if that is where the programs are located. 


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