Prior Restart Condition - payroll error

Problem Details:

When trying to process a payroll function, the following error appears:

"The system was unable to lock resources for ____ due to a prior restart condition on payroll processing"



For reasons of security and control, when a payroll run is in progress (not yet completed), it locks the ability of the program to start another process.  The user must first determine which process in in progress, and complete it before the next function can be run. 

To find out what procedure did not complete, go to Administrative Services / Restart Maintenance.  Using the arrow keys, browse through the restart records.  Look for one relating to payroll - it will be identified in the Program Name, by starting with 'CP'.  Also, review the Message box at the bottom of the screen for details relating the the restart record.  For example, one of the most common payroll restart records is as follows:

Complete the identified process and then the next function can be run.  In this example, the user would go to Payroll Transactions / Payroll Cheques and reprint and / or post the payroll.  The other option is to set cheques as 'not printed' and void the payroll run.  Either option will complete the process and allow other payroll functions to be done.


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