Unregistered Applications

Problem Details:

 "WARNING! You have applications that aren't registered" message appears when opening Sage 300.  This may be followed by: (module name) expires in 30 days.



This may be caused by installing modules with a temporary license file. These modules may or may not be in use for a company database.  Check for temporary licenses by opening the license manager (Help->Licenses) and then clicking the license manager button. On the licenses tab, you will see all installed modules. In the Type column, check for Temporary licenses.

If Temporary licenses are found either purchase and register the module by entering the activation code in this screen, or delete the license file (found in the shared data directory) to remove the warning message.  It is recommended that the file be renamed first, to ensure that the correct file has been identified. Once the correct license file has been renamed and the warning no longer appears, this file can be deleted.  

Please Note: Removing a temporary license file does not remove changes made to the company database if the module was activated. It will, however, restrict any further access to that module.  When testing modules prior to purchase, it is recommended that a test or sample company be used.

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