Database Copy is not Synchronized with the Master

Problem Details:

Data Integrity error: The company database copy of table 'CSCCD' is not synchronized with the master copy in the system database.
To synchronize the data, please run a full propagation from the Database Setup utility



The propagation function was introduced in version 5.5.  The system database tables are now copied to the company database, making certain functions run faster. The system database remains as the master copy. The propagation functions ensures that the data in the company database is updated.  The system tables include currency and security information.

Make sure all users are out of the database.  Go to Start, Programs, Sage, Sage 300 ERP 2014, Database Setup.  Enter the ADMIN password.  Highlight the company database and click on Edit and then Propagate.  The function will show the tables being updated from the master system database to that company database. If the system database is highlighted and then edit and propagation are selected, all the company databases attached to that system database will be updated. 


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