GL Security

Problem Description: 

GL security is needed to restrict certain users from viewing or posting to certain accounts. Specifically, confidentiality needs to be maintained for payroll accounts and retained earnings, common and preferred stock.


In GL Setup / Options, on the Account tab, there is an option for GL security.  This feature lets you limit the accounts that users can view or enter transactions into, thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized activity. 

  • Turn on the option to use GL Security in GL Setup / Options on the Account tab
  • Set the default access for users to see All Accounts, or No Accounts.

  • Log off and then back into Sage.
  • There is now a new icon under GL Accounts, called Account Permissions
  • Open Account Permissions and enter the UserID 
  • Set accounts that can and cannot accessed based on account number or segment.  If the default in step 2 was set to All Accounts, enter accounts or segments that the user should not have access to.  If the default was set to No Accounts, enter accounts or segments that the user should have access to. 

Note that this is effective, not only in the GL, but filters through the other modules as well. For example, if the user is entering AP invoices and uses the finder to select the account to post their expense to - only the GL accounts they have access to will be seen in the finder. If the user tries to enter a GL account they are not authorized to access, an error message will be displayed saying that the GL account does not exist.

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