Changing Company Name

Problem Details:

Company has changed its name. How to show this on Sage 300 ERP screens and printed documents?


In order to update the Company Name in Sage 300 ERP follow these steps:

  1. Update the Company Name/Address Information in Common Services -> Company Profile.

  2. Update the Company Name/Address Information in PrintBoss Banks

    • Open PrintBoss: Start -> PB32 Program

    • Select Edit -> Bank List

    • Select and Bank from the List and click Edit Bank

    • On the Primary tab, edit the "Bank information normally printed on check" section

  3. Update the Company Name/Address Information on any custom forms it is hardcoded on

    • Check any customization directories (Administrative Services -> Customization directories) for custom reports

    • Open each custom form in Crystal Reports (if you don't have Crystal or don't know how to edit reports yourself, please contact a Consultant or Technician for assistance) and edit any addresses that are typed onto the screen instead of pulled from the database.

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