Information Manager Notes are Not Popping Up for Some Users

Problem Details:

Orchid's Information Manager Notes are working for some users but not for others. When a customer number is entered into a customer number field the note setup for that customer does not display. 


Start by creating a folder named StartUp on the main Sage desktop and adding the system Information Manager System Tray Icon to it. To create the folder highlight the Company Name in the left hand pane of the Sage 300 desktop. Right click anywhere in the white space on the right hand pane and select New -> Folder. Name the folder StartUp. Take note that a new folder will show in the left hand pane named StartUp. Highlight the folder named StartUp in the left hand pane and right click in the white space on the right hand pane. Select New -> Program. Name it System Tray and click next. Click browse and navigate to the Sage 300 program file directory. For instructions on how to find the location fo the Sage 300 program file directory click here: How to find the Program File Directory. In the program directory look for a folder named EBXXA (where XX is the current version of Sage 300). In that folder there is a file named tray.exe. Select it, press Open, press Finish. This will ensure that the required System Tray portion of the program starts when the user logs into Sage 300. Have the user log back into Sage 300 and a system tray icon will load into the Windows system tray in the bottom right of the screen. Right click on it and select options. Ensure that the user's User ID, password, and Company ID fields are all filled in correctly. 

Try bringing up the same customer note again. If it does not work continue with troubleshooting. 

The issue may be that the user is not yet setup with the required security rights to see the notes. Go to Information Manager -> I/M Setup -> User Roles. Find the user ID and assign them the appropriate Role Name. Have the user log out and back into the company and try activating the note again on the screen. It should now display. 

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