Activating New Modules

Problem Details:

Need to have additional modules setup in a company.



To add a new module to an existing company database, the module must firstly be installed.  Once installed, the module needs to be activated.  Open the company as the ADMIN user.  Exclusive access is required to activate modules. 

Backup the data.  See Backup using DBDump or Backup for assistance with backup procedures.

Go to Administrative Services / Data Activation.  A prompt will appear on the screen advising that a backup is necessary prior to activation, and the user must select the checkbox "Yes, I have backed up my database" before the Proceed button will be available. Click Proceed.  The available modules (those installed but not yet active for the current company) will be displayed. Select the module(s) that need to be activated, and click Next. Click Activate.  The status of the module(s) on the list will change from Pending to Activated. Close this screen to see the new module on the Sage desktop.

The module is now ready to be setup for use.

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