Scheduling a Report for distribution

Problem Description:

How to schedule a report to run automatically and be delivered to a certain destination(s).



The user will need to memorize a report setting before scheduling the report.

To create a memorize report:

  1. Go Reports module from the navigation bar
  2. Select 'All Reports' on the left panel
  3. Click on the report you would like to memorize
  4. Select appropriate criteria settings
  5. Click the Memorize button at the top right of the page
  6. Enter a name for the memorized report and a description.  Click on 'Public'
  7. Click OK

The memorized reports feature retains the report settings, so you do not have to select them each time you want to run the report.
Reports that are made public appear in the Memorized Reports listers for all other users who have permission to see and use this feature.
The report will also be available in the appropriate application in the 'Reports' dropdown under 'Memorized Reports'.

Once a report has been memorized, it can be scheduled.

  1. Go to the Reports module from the navigation bar
  2. Select Memorized Reports on the left panel
  3. Highlight the desired report and select Edit Schedule link
  4. Set the Filters, Schedule and Delivery options
  5. Click Save

To cancel a schedule, please see Stopping a Scheduled Report

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