Setting up Payment Approvals


How to setup payment approvals


Setting up Payment Approvals requires these steps:

Setup the amounts that require approval:
  1. Go to Accounts Payable from the top navigation bar
  2. Click Open Setup
  3. Click Configure Accounts Payable 

  4. Under 'Payment Approvals Settings' ensure that the 'Disable approval' selection box is not checked, and enter the correct amount(s) that requires approvals.

Assign permissions to all users that will approve payment requests:
  1. Go to Company from the top navigation bar, and click on Users
Locate the appropriate user id and click on 'subscriptions' (role base    companies will have to edit the roles)
  3. Click on 'Permissions' next to Accounts Payable and assign permissions for 'Approve Payments' to the appropriate approval levels and Save.


See Notifications for Payment Requests to setup email notifications for payment approvals.


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