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What is provisional posting and how does it work?



Sage 300 ERP allows for transactions to be posted on a provisional basis to test their effects on the general ledger before the actual amounts are posted permanently. Provisional postings are temporary. 

This feature is particularly useful when doing adjustments, and enables the user to see the results of the transactions before posting them. 

The switch to allow provisional posting is found in GL Setup / Options on the Posting tab.  When the 'Allow Provisional Posting' option is turned on, the Prov. Post button becomes visible on the GL Batch List screen.  GL entries are created as normal, but instead of clicking posting the batch, the entries can be provisionally posted.  Once provisionally posted, the status of the batch is identified as Prov. Posted, and specific reports can be viewed to see the results of the posting. 

Go to GL Reports / Posting Journals.  There are options here to select Provisional Posting Journals or Provisional Posting Journal Errors.  However, the most effective way to see the results of a provisional post is to view the Trial Balance.  On the Report Format field, click the drop down list to see the four options for including provisional posting in the report.

Provisionally posted amounts can also be seen in FR financial statements provided the FR report has been written to accommodate provisional posting.  All of the standard FR reports that Sage provides have that functionality.

A provisionally posted batch can be modified and this changes the status of the batch from Prov. Posted to Open.  This means the batch can be provisionally posted again to check the new entries.  Once the entries in the batch are acceptable, click on the Post button to post permanently.  The provisional posting information is then deleted. 

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