Vendor Visibility Does not Appear in the AP Setup List

Problem Description:

When attempting to access the Vendor Visibility feature, it does not appear as an option to select in the Accounts Payable Setup List menu



Vendor Visibility allows vendors to be restricted to specific locations, location groups, departments or department groups within the multi-entity structure.  Vendors may also be restricted to only the top level of the multi-entity structure, or they may be completely unrestricted and allowed at the top level plus all entities.

To turn on the option for Vendor Visibility, an admin will need to do the following:
1. Go to Company from the navigation bar.
2. Under Services, select 'Subscriptions'
3. Choose the 'Multi-Entity Console' option.
4. Click Configure
5. Under the Entity Restrictions section, select the option for 'Vendors'
6. Save

After this process is complete, a browser refresh (F5) may be needed.  The Vendor Visibility option will then be available under Accounts Payables, Setup, Setup Lists.  Vendor Visibility will also be available under Company, Setup, Company Setup Checklist - in the section for 'Set Up AP Master List, Open Bills And Adjustments'

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