Creating an AP Advance

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How to Create an AP advance



To create an AP Advance:
1. Go to Accounts Payable from the navigation bar
2. Click the + sign next to Advances
3. Complete the Create Advance Payment screen, including required fields: Payment Date, Vendor ID, GL Offset Account (or Account Label), and Amount
4. Save

Once the advance is created, it will need to be approved (if payment approval is enabled in AP Configuration):
1. Go to Accounts Payable
2. Select 'Approve Payments'
3. Locate the advance and click 'approve'

After approval, the advance check will need to be printed:
1. Go to Accounts Payable
2. Under the Activities section, select 'Print' and then 'Checks'
3. Select the advance check and 'Print'
4. Confirm the advance check

Once the check is printed and confirmed, the advance will appear on the"Advances" screen in the AP Module.  The advance can now be applied against a bill using the 'split' option under 'Select Bills to Pay'.

Note that once an Advance has been applied, it cannot be reversed.

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