Finder (F5) is not working

Problem Details:

For a specific user, clicking on the finder or using the F5 keyboard shortcut is not working.  It will not open, does not return results, or may return results that are not valid.



This usually indicates corruption in the user profile configuration files.  Browse to the shared data directory (find the location of the shared data directory from within Sage by clicking on Help / System Information).  Open the User folder and locate the folder for the user who is having the issue.  Open that user's folder.  Rename the ABCDAT_p.ism file (where ABCDAT is the company ID) to ABCDAT_p.ism.bad.  When the user logs back into Sage, this file will be recreated with the program defaults and the finder will work again.  However, any specific finder criteria that has previously been saved, will be gone and will need to be reset.  Additionally, the print destination and any paths to custom files for printing will need to be re-established. 

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