CSV Import for Custom Fields

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How to include Custom Fields in a CSV import file



When importing transactions with custom fields, the CSV file must include the field name in the header of the CSV file.  If the custom field is available to import, the header field name will be listed in the CSV template and usually located in the last few columns of the template.

To Export the Latest Template:

  1. Go to Company from the top navigation bar
  2. Click Open Setup.
  3. Click Company Setup Checklist.
  4. Locate the module for which the import is required.
  5. Select the Template link next to specific function to be imported (example: Accounts Receivable Invoices or Order Entry Transactions)
  6. Open the file, the field name needed for import associated to the custom field should be listed in the template. The template can also be saved and data entered into it. 

It is recommended the user should always use the latest version of the template in which they would like to make imports.  This ensures they are using the correct header information. 

Here is an example of a template for a custom field 'MUST' created for AR Invoices.

Field in UI for AR Invoices:

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