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Why is a certification key required?



A certification key is required to enable and configure Advanced Workflows.  Advanced workflows give companies significant flexibility in mapping their transaction workflows to their business needs. Because this flexibly impacts subledger and GL posting, as well as inventory stock-levels and valuations, it is recommended that the adjustments be made by someone skilled in making this type of business-process change.

To avoid accidental changes to your transaction workflow, a Certification Key for each user that is creating or editing advanced transaction definitions is required. Advanced workflow can be turned on in Order Entry / Setup / Configure Order Entry. The switch to turn on Advanced Workflow is in the 'Enable Functionality' section. 

Turning on an advanced workflow can't be reversed. If advanced workflows are enabled in one application, they are automatically enabled for all 3 applications—Order Entry, Purchasing, and Inventory Control.

1. To request a certification key please log a support case and provide the following information:

  1. Exact Company ID
  2. Exact User ID

In addition, please enable Customer Support with external access to the company.  See Enable External Access for how to turn this on.
2. Once received, the Certification Key can be entered by going to:

  1. Company at the top navigation bar
  2. Select My Preferences
  3. At the bottom of this page, in the 'General Settings' section, there is a field for Certification Key, this is where the key would be entered.

    **Please note that only the user whose key this belongs to can enter it, if another user attempts to enter this key for the other user they will get an error that it is invalid.

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