Error Posting Transaction "no GL Accounts were found"

Problem Details:

The user is receiving this error when posting a transaction "no GL Accounts were found in the AR GL Information tab for itemid and warehouse"


This error will provide the item id which needs to be updated.

To resolve this error, verify the Item id has an Item GL Group:

  1. Go to Order Entry from navigation bar
  2. Click on Items
  3. Click on "View" next to the item and locate the "Item GL Group" (in the Inventory section)
  4. Keep note of the "Item GL Group" if there is one, if not please add one for the item

Next update the Item GL Group for the transaction which had the error:

  1. Go to Order Entry from the top navigation bar
  2. Click Open Setup
  3. Click Order Entry Transaction Definition
  4. Click "Edit" next to the transaction
  5. Go to the AR GL Information tab
  6. Here specify a debit/credit entry for the Item GL Group associated with the item.

-For the offsetting entry, be sure to check the box titled "is offset"

-If the debit and credit is the same for all items, then leave the item gl group blank but specify the debit and credit gl accounts.  If blank, that debit and credit will be the same for all items, unless listed otherwise on this tab.

-If the credit side of the entry is different but the offset is the same for all items: list all item gl groups and their corresponding gl accounts, then just leave one line blank, select the offset account, and check the box titled "is offset".  This will use the same offset account for all items.


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