Imports using a CSV format

One of the best ways to prepare a successful import file is to firstly export some data.  When the file is exported using a CSV format, each of the sections being exported will create a separate csv file of that name.  For example, when exporting Inventory Control Items, the user will identify the folder where the export should go, but not the filename, as the filenames are dictated by the different types of information being exported.  The following export:

will create the following files in the D:\accpac\company directory:


Now, when editing these files to add data or modify the existing data, it becomes essential to maintain the linking between each of these files.  A piece of data deleted from (or added to) one of the files must be deleted from (or added to) each of the files to ensure that the information in Units of Measure (for example) is corresponding to the correct item in the Item file. 

When importing a CSV file, if the key fields identifying the records are not correct (or do not correspond correctly to each other) in each file, the status will show 'not ready' and the import not be able to proceed.


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