Need to spread shipping costs across multiple purchase orders

Problem Details:

Multiple POs are issued to one vendor.  When goods are received, shipment cost for all POs is charged on one receipt.  The shipment cost needs to be pro-rated appropriately over all receipts to be assigned to all items.



In order to assign one shipping cost to all items from multiple POs, the user must receive all the goods from the different POs on one receipt document. 

Go to Purchase Orders -> P/O Transactions -> Receipt Entry.  Enter the vendor number and then click on the check box 'From Multiple POs' and click on the Zoom button.

Double click on the detail line to bring up the finder (or click F5) and then select the purchase orders for the goods received.  When all the POs are listed, click on Receive and then Close. All the items from all the POs are now listed on the Receipt tab detail grid. Enter the quantities received for the items, and then go to the Additional Costs tab. Enter the vendor number and the additional cost code for the shipping.  Enter the total amount of the shipment cost and select the pro-ration method to divide the cost and add it to each of the items listed on the detail grid of  the Receipt tab.  Post the receipt. When the receipt is costed (depending on your setting in IC Setup / Options / on the Costing tab - either during posting or during day end processing) the shipment cost will be added to the cost of the items. 

If a single invoice is received from the vendor, go to Purchase Orders -> P/O Transactions -> Invoice Entry.  Enter the Invoice Number and enter or select the receipt number.  All items and the additional charges from the receipt will populate the invoice entry screen.  Post the invoice.

If two or more invoices are received from the vendor, each invoice will need to be entered separately.  Enter the invoice number and the receipt number.  When the receipt number is entered, the items from that receipt show up in the detail grid, and by default, all of them are set to 'yes' on the 'Fully Invoiced' field. For any items not covered under the invoice, set the Fully Invoiced field to 'no' and edit the 'Quantity Invoiced' field to zero.  Check the Additional Costs tab, and if the shipment cost is not on this invoice, delete the additional cost.  (**Do not set the additional cost to zero, or the cost of the items will be reduced by the amount of the shipment and it will not be available to be invoiced on any later invoice.)  Correct the total value of the invoice and post.  When the second (or third) invoice is entered, and the same receipt number selected, only those detail lines and additional costs which have not yet been fully invoiced will appear.  Repeat the process of editing the 'Fully Invoiced' and 'Quantity Invoiced' fields and the shipment cost on the Additional Costs tab until the invoice details on screen match the invoice sent by the vendor.




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