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How to write-off amounts on customer accounts



In AR Periodic Processing there is a function called A/R Create Write-Off Batch.  This function allows the user to create a batch of adjustment transactions to write off outstanding or overdue balances on a single customer account, or a range of customer accounts.  

From the Create Write-Off Batch screen, the user has the option to identify specific types of transactions to write-off, and a range of values to be written off.  For example, a user may specify to write off 'All Transactions' that have a balance of -0.10 to 0.10.  This means that the system will look for any outstanding balance on any transaction which ranges from a credit balance of ten cents to a balance owing of ten cents and create an adjustment to remove the o/s balance from the transaction.  Once the 'Process' button is clicked, adjustment entries are created and placed in a new adjustment batch.  Go to AR Transactions / Adjustment Batch to find the new batch and the write-off entries.  They can be edited before posting. 

Note that these entries can also be done manually:

  • through the Adjustment Batch / Adjustment Entry window. 
  • through the receipt entry screen at the time of receipt entry, providing the 'Allow Adjustments in Receipt Batches' option is turned on in AR Setup / Options on the Transactions tab.

However, the above alternatives allow only one adjustment to be entered at a time.  Using the Create Write-Off Batch function allows for adjustments to multiple customer accounts and transactions in one click. 

The default write-off GL Account is specified in AR Setup / Accounts Sets. However, this account can be changed for any entry prior to posting the adjustment batch.


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