IP Address Denied

Problem Details:

Users receive "IP Address Denied" error when signing in to Intacct



To resolve the log in issue for the affected users, please perform the following: 
1. Go to Company from the top navigation bar.
2. Under the Company screen on the right, click Company info.
3. Click 'Edit'. 
4. Go to the Security Settings tab.
5. The setting for 'Enforce IP address filters' is in the 'Sign In Settings' section under 'Passwords'
6. Check to see what it is currently listed. There are four options:

  • None
  • Enforce at Company level
  • Enforce at Company level and override at user level
  • Enforce at User level

7. You will need to add your IP address(es) if IP filtering is selected. A handy way to determine the IP address is to go to What is my IP? on the user's workstation.
8. Click on the Pencil icon beside 'Enforce IP address filters'.
9. Click 'Add'.
10. Enter the User ID and the IP address.
11. Click 'Save'.
12. Click 'Save'.

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