Change Print Destination

Problem Details:

User sends job to printer, but wants to see it on the screen first.



Sage has four different print destinations for print jobs:  Printer, Preview, Email, File.  The most common of these is Preview.  Once the print job is sent to preview, the user can then send it to a printer, email or file.  There are two places from within Sage to change the print destination:

  • On the top menu bar, click on File, then Print Destination
  • On the lower right hand corner of the Sage Desktop, right click on the icon beside the date and click 'Change Print destination'

Both of these methods bring the user to the exact same screen, where the desired destination can be selected and saved (click OK).  If the print destination screen is greyed out and the selection cannot be changed, it means that the user has not been assigned sufficient rights to change their own print setting.  Contact an ADMIN user, to increase the rights for changing print destinations. 

In Administrative Services / Security Groups - select the Application 'Administrative Services'.  The 'Change Print Destination' access is in this module.  Ensure that a group with this security access is assigned to the user in User Authorizations.

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