Permissions for Custom Reports

Problem Details:

Need to restrict access to customized report created in Platform Services.



Unlike financial reports where you can restrict certain users to specific reports, restrictions to custom reports created in Platform Services must be maintained using user permissions.

If the custom report is not deployed, a user would need to be a business user with permissions to Platform Services in order to view the reports through the Customization/Platform Services tab.  There is no way to restrict access to specific report in the Customization/Platform Services tab. If they have the permission to Platform Services, they will have access to all the custom reports.
If the custom report is deployed to a certain module, the user would need to be a business user with the minimum read only permissions to the module that the report is deployed to in order to view the report.  The user would not need permissions to Platform Services to view the deployed reports.  For example: If a custom report was deployed to General Ledger, the user would need at least read only permissions to the General Ledger module in order to view that report. No Platform Services permission are required.

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