Entering Work Orders for 'on hold' Customers

Problem Details:

In some cases, if a customer is on hold to prevent further sales from Order Entry, it is still necessary to service equipment that the customer already owns.  Therefore, work orders and invoices still need to be able to be processed in Service Manager for this customer. 



In order to be able to enter service documents for all customers on hold, there is a setting that allows this functionality.  Go to Service Manager / V/M Setup / V/M General / Options and the Processing Tab.  In the 'On The Fly' section, check the option to 'Allow  Entry on Held A/R Customers'


Once this option is turned on, warning messages will appear throughout the data entry process, that the customer is on hold, but it will allow the user (who has authorization) to bypass the warnings and continue to enter and post the transactions. The setting and only be changed when all users are out of the system.

After selecting this option, it is important to assign security for the users who will be allowed to process the transactions for 'on hold' customer.  Security for this feature can be set in Administrative Services / Security Groups.  Create a security group (or modify an existing one) to include or exclude this access, and assign to the appropriate users.



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