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How to reprint customer statements?



After customer statements have been printed, a question is posed onscreen, 'Were the statements printed successfully?' If the user answers 'yes' to this question, the statement run is considered complete and any statement in that run, now has the ability to be reprinted.  If the answer is 'no' another popup screen is displayed, where selected statements can marked as printed successfully, or need to be cancelled.  Any statements that have been cancelled will not be eligible for the reprint function, since their original print has never been saved. 

From the main A/R Statements/Letters/Labels screen, the Reprint button is located on the lower left side.  Click on that option to open the Reprint Statement criteria box.  Note that any criteria on the main statement screen is not transferred to, nor used on the reprint screen.  Using the finder on the Statement Date criteria, will display all the available completed statement runs that can be reprinted.  If the statement date criteria is set first, using the finder on the customer selection criteria will display a list of customers who have statements in the selected runs.  If the statement date criteria is left at the default (blank to 12/31/9999 dates), the customer finder will display all customers with completed statements at any time. 

After the criteria is set, click on 'print' to start the reprint.  If multiple statements are being printed, they will only be printed (to preview) one at a time, and when that preview is closed, the next statement in the range will be displayed and so on.  There won't be a 5 page preview, there will be 5 - one page previews (if 5 statements are being reprinted for example). 

For more detailed information on the printing of customer statements, follow this link: Printing AR Customer Statements


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