Setting up Customization Directories

Problem Details:

New user added to Sage300 does not have access to any custom forms.



Customization directories can be setup in 2 different ways:

  • To allow all users access to the custom directory, go to Administrative Services / Customization Directories and enter an asterisk (*) in the user field, specify the company ID and the location of the custom folder. 

This allows all users access to the customization directory for the specified database.  If all databases should be included, an asterisk (*) can be set in the Company ID field as well.

  • In some cases, the system administrator may not want all users with access to the custom folder, and then each individual user will need to be specified in the User ID column. 

In the above example, both Joe and Susie will have access to the custom forms for company SAML14, but only Joe (not Susie) has access to the custom forms for company SAMI14.  User Bill has access to no custom forms at all.  The disadvantage of using this method is that there will be an additional step in adding new users to the system, to add them to the customization directory list.  However, the advantage to using this method is that users can be given access to custom forms for only specific company databases. This is an added security benefit.


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