Reconciliation date is in a locked period

Problem Details:

Data integrity error in Bank Services:

Validating Bank Transaction Header....
E: Invalid input. Reconciliation date 5/23/2015 is in a locked period for Bank Services in Common Services' Fiscal Calendar.
1 Error(s) found in Bank Code _____ Transaction Number ______.
1 Error(s) found in Bank Transaction Header.



This error normally appears when the bank has not been reconciled and a transaction is processed for a locked period, and is in a 'pending journal' status.  One example of this would be a reversed transaction, processed in an unlocked period, but the original transaction is in a locked prior period.  In many cases, these banks may not be reconciled on a regular basis, or the reconciliation process is behind and thus involves locked periods. 

The simplest method for dealing with this issue is to reconcile the bank, open all periods, post the bank rec, and then lock the periods again. 

If the bank account is only being used for clearing purposes and is never really reconciled, this will involve forcing the bank into reconciliation by editing the bank statement amount to force an 'out of balance' amount of zero.  The posting of the reconciliation will not produce any journal entries, but it will update the status of the documents to 'cleared' and the data integrity error will disappear.  (provided the reconciliation is for a period after the date in the error message).  Although it is recommended that all bank accounts be accurately reconciled, that is not always practical, and this shortcut will be helpful for that situation.

If the bank is actually being reconciled, clear the appropriate withdrawals and deposits and enter the correct amount of the bank statement on the summary page.  Make any required bank entries to bring the out of balance amount to zero.  Confirm the reconciled balance in the bank module with the balance of the bank account in the GL.  Post the bank rec.

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