Invalid Default Printer After Upgrade

Problem Details:

When attempting to print after an upgrade, an invalid or unknown printer appears as the default. This issue happens most commonly right after an upgrade.


If you are attempting to print reports and an unknown printer appears as the default selection check Setup. If the default printer is correct in Setup but still appears as an invalid printer try the following:

  1. Open the Sage Shared Data Directory (find this by going to Help -> System Settings)

  2. Close Sage 300 ERP

  3. Find the Users folder in the Shared Data Directory

  4. Open the folder for the User having the issue

  5. Find the file with the company name followed by _P.ism (e.g. SAMLTD_P.ism)

  6. Rename the above file (e.g. SAMLTD_P.ism.old)

  7. Launch Sage 300 ERP again

These steps should resolve the issue and have Sage selecting the correct default printer again.  Note that this process will reset all printer settings to default. 

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