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How to setup a recurring payable or recurring receivable invoice?



Let us review the Accounts Receivables module with the understanding that the Accounts Payable module is similar. 

Go to Account Receivables / AR Setup / Options.  On the Processing tab, turn on the option to 'Process Recurring Charges'.  This displays the Recurring Charges icon under A/R Customers (logout and log back in may be necessary).  Open the Recurring Charges icon and enter a (maximum) 16 character code.  Select a customer.  Note that the same code can be used for multiple customers. 

On the Invoice tab, select an existing Schedule Code (how often the recurring invoice should be generated) or create a new schedule by clicking on the up arrow.  Enter a start date for processing the recurring invoice, and once this field is populated, the 'Next Invoice Date' field will be generated (as a read only field) based on the schedule selected above.  If the 'Next Invoice Date' is not correct, adjust by changing the 'Start Date' field, or the schedule.  The Expiration date can be set as a specific date, no expiry, or based on an amount or number of invoices generated. 

The balance of fields on the Invoice tab, the Detail tab, Optional Fields, Sales Split and Tax/Totals tabs need to be filled in with the specific recurring invoice details.  These are defaults and the invoice will be generated using these values.  However, any of them can be edited before posting the invoice.

The Statistics tab will give the details of the history of the recurring charge.

Once the recurring charge has been completely setup, click Add.  Note that the recurring invoice can be generated right from this screen by clicking on the 'Create Invoice...' button.  However, normally the recurring invoices will be generated by going to AR Periodic Processing / Create Recurring Charge Batch.  From here, the user can create more than one recurring entry at a time, and can set the run date to be in the future (or the past) and decide whether to add the recurring entries to an existing batch of invoices, or create a new batch. 

Once the batch of recurring invoices has been created, they can be seen in the AR Invoice Batch list and they can be edited (or deleted) before posting.  However, - a note about deleting a recurring entry:  once a recurring entry has been generated, the 'next invoice date' has been updated, adn even if that entry is not posted (entry is deleted), the 'next invoice date' is not changed.  Therefore, re-running a recurring charge batch will not re-create the invoice.  If deleted, the recurring entry will need to be manually entered.  Therefore, it is advisable to edit the invoice, instead of deleting it with the intent of re-running it.

Recurring invoice numbers are auto-generated, and they can be setup in AR Setup / Options on the Numbering tab.  Set the invoice number length as well as any prefix and the next number to start. 

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