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When using the Finder on any field, there are a number of settings that can be changed to customize the look and make finding data easier.



There are settings that can be customized for each Finder on any data field.  Use the F5 key or click on the little magnifying glass to bring up the Finder field.  The different settings for the Finder are located at the top of the screen.

1.  File:

  • Click on File and then Export to export an abbreviated version of the data.  For example, exporting items includes Items, Tax Authorities, UOM, Optional Fields, etc.  Exporting from the Finder screen only exports Items.

2.  Key:

  • The top of this screen lists the fields shown in the results pane.  Select any one of these fields to have the data sorted by that field.
  • The bottom of this screen allows the user to highlight the key field (the one that the data is being sorted by) and highlight any negative values displayed in the results pane.

3.  Settings:

  • Selecting Columns brings up a list of fields that can be added or removed from the results grid.  The user can also sort the fields into a specific order to be displayed.
  • The Color option allows the text or the background of a field to be changed to a different color
  • Restore Color Default back to the original settings
  • Field Name as Column Heading changes the titles of the fields to the database field names instead of regular wording in the user interface.

4.  Global Settings:

  • Go to Filter first - if this is selected, the cursor automatically goes to the Filter field.  If this option is turned off, the cursor goes into the results list.


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