Bank Reconciliation Is Missing Transactions

Problem Details:

AR Receipts were posted using a current deposit date but with an older receipt and posting date. When reconciling thebank statement for the older period, the receipts are not showing up in the bank reconciliation screen. 



When entering AR receipts, there are 3 date fields to be aware of: 

  • The deposit date is located in the batch header and is the date that the deposit will be recorded in the bank module for reconciliation purposes.  This is (theoretically) the date that the funds actually went into the bank account.  The deposit date defaults to the batch date, but it can be edited. 
  • The receipt date defaults from the deposit date, but also can be edited.  It reflects the document date of the individual transaction and is used for AR aging purposes and is also used for calculating early payment discounts.
  • The posting date reflects the date that the transaction is posted into the General Ledger and the fiscal year / period will be determined based on this date.  It may be different than the receipt date due to locked fiscal periods.  The receipt date may be posted to a prior period for aging purposes, but the actual posting needs to take place in an open period.  This date is also the date used if the receipt was applied to another document.

Therefore, any cheque entered with a current deposit date, but an older receipt date, will not show up in the bank rec for the older date.  The best way to deal with this issue is to reverse all cheques with the incorrect deposit date using Common Services -> Bank Services -> Bank Transactions -> Reverse Transactions and re-enter them with the correct deposit date. 

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