Is it possible to run financial Statements for a date range

GL Financial Reporter can be used to run reports such as Financial Income Statements and Balance Sheets. These reports are Excel based, but run from Sage and as with any other Sage reports, some data ranges can be set before printing.

One of the options is to select the year and period you would like to run the report for. If you select to print an Income statement for period 6 of 2015, the report will show everything up to and including period 6 in year 2015.



How to print a Income statement for a certain number of periods?

What if you only want to see the numbers for one or two periods (ie. periods 4 & 5) and you don't want to see everything in that year (not periods 1-3)?



While Financial Reporter can be coded and customized to run for only a few periods, it requires an advance knowledge of the software. 

For a quick result you can look at the standard crystal reports that come with Sage 300. Under GL Reports, there is a report called GL Trial Balance. 

Open the GL Trial Balance Report, and select "Net Change for the period" under the Print option. This will give you the ability to print the report for one or a range or periods. 

Crystal reports are displayed in PDF format, but they can exported in to excel. 

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