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What is PO Consolidation and how is it used?



At the bottom left of the Purchase Order Entry screen, beside the Calc. Tax button, there is a button labelled Consolidate. This is new functionality, which takes all the detail lines of the same item, for the same location and consolidates them into one line item.  This can be especially useful when the Purchase Order is created over time, and line items are added as required by customer orders. 

This functionality can also be used when converting PO Requisitions into Purchase Orders.  Multiple Requisitions can be combined to make one Purchase Order, and items which are the same, for the same locations will be combined into one line on the PO. 

Note the following when using Consolidations in PO:

  • line items that are being Drop Shipped will not be consolidated 
  • any detail line with optional fields will not be consolidated with any other detail line. 
  • the consolidation process will delete order numbers assigned to the detail lines.
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