Copying Print Boss Printer Settings to a New User

Problem Details:

New user needs to have all the print boss forms setup.  Is there a shortcut, or does each form have to be setup individually to a specific printer?



If the user's forms can be printed at the same printers as another user, it is possible to copy the registry settings from that user into the registry of the new user.  This enables setup of all forms to the same printers in one step. 

Logon as the user whose print boss settings are correct and whose settings can be copied.  Go to Start / Run and type in Regedit to open the registry.  Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wellspring Software/Print Boss/FORMPRINTERS.  Highlight this key and click on File/Export. 

Logon as the new user and locate the exported registry file and double click on it to import.  Respond to the prompts and import the registry key.  The new user now has all the form printer settings as the other user. 

To setup or change printer destinations within the PrintBoss software, one form at a time, follow these instructions: Change a User's Printer in PrintBoss



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