Importing Physical Inventory Counts into IC

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Can physical inventory counts be imported, or must they always be entered through the user interface?



Physical Inventory Quantities can be imported, and this may be a quicker method of data entry than to enter the quantities directly onto the screen, particulary if the counts being done are using some other list than the generated one from Sage.

The first step is to generate the inventory worksheet.  Go to IC Physical Inventory / Generate Inventory Worksheet. (See Generating Inventory Worksheets for more detail on this procedure).  If the count is to be recorded on these generated sheets, they can then be printed for this purpose in IC Physical Inventory / Inventory Worksheet.  Next, open the Physical Inventory Quantities screen.  Click on File / Export.  A confirmation screen is displayed indicating two exports will be required.

Click OK and give a name to the first export file.  This will be the header information.  When the first file has completed exporting, a second export screen will be displayed.  Enter a different file name for the second export (this is the detail information) and export.  For entering count values, only the detail export file will need to be opened and modified.  Enter the counts in the QTYCOUNTED coumn and any unit cost adjustments in the ADJCOST column.  Save the modified detail file.  On the Physical Inventory Quantities screen, click on File / Import.  Again, a confirmation will indicate two files are required for import.  Browse to the first (header) exported file and import.  When that file has imported, browse to the second (detail) exported file ane import.  The screen will now display the updated quantities and costs. 

Print the Inventory Reconciliation report to see the specific variance amounts that will be adjusted during the posting of the count.  If necessary, the quantities and costs can be adjusted again before posting.

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