Process Scheduler - Data Integrity Error


Process Scheduler can be used, in conjunction with Windows Task Scheduler, to run Sage 300 Reports in predefined intervals. Data Integrity reports are usually very time consuming, and it is more convenient to use Process scheduler and Task Scheduler to run them automatically after hours. The reports can then be sent to a given email address or saved on disc. Users can also opt to only receive emails if there is an error on the Data Integrity report. 
The Email received from Process Scheduler indicates there is an error:
"Step X, Check all modules integrity - Error - Could not connect to XXXSYS"
A schedule can be set to run a data integrity check on more than one database. Users can simply set "Next Step" field to the next line number, and insert another line with a different database name (XXXDAT).  When the check completes on one database, the next one will be started. 
It is important to note that Data Integrity will only run on DATA files (XXXDAT) and not on SYSTEM files (XXXSYS).  Always make sure that the scheduler is setup for the company's data file.  Only Dump, Load, and Copy actions are valid for system databases.
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