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How to convert a quote to an order



The Order Entry screen is used to enter new quotes for customers.  Open OE Transactions / Order Entry and enter a customer number for the new document.  Under Transaction Type, select 'Quote'.  The Expiration Date field then appears and displays the default expiration date based on the default number of days specified in the setup.  (OE Setup / Options on the Processing tab: the 'Default Quote Expiration Days' field.)  The expiration date on the quote can be edited. 

Enter the remaining information and items as per a usual order.  A Quote document does not affect quantities on sales orders.  Post and print the Quote.

When a quote needs to be converted to an order, the quote Transaction Type needs to be changed from 'quote' to 'active'.  This process will create a new order, with a new number, containing all the details from the originating quote.  Any and all information on this new order can be edited before posting the order.  Once the order is posted, the quote has a status of 'completed' and can no longer be edited or changed.  It will not be deleted since an order was created from it.  The order can now be processed as per the usual procedures.

It is possible to create one order from multiple quotes.  Start entering a new order with a Transaction Type 'Active'.  Click on the box beside 'From Multiple Quotes' and then click the zoom button to the right of this field.  Select the quotes and then click on 'Order' to transfer all the details to the order detail grid. 


** Note about expiration dates: if the option to 'Clear Expired Quotes' is selected (OE Setup / Options on the Processing tab), the quote will be deleted during day end processing if the following conditions have been met:

  • the quote has not been converted to an order
  • the quote expiry date is past the specified number of days in OE Setup / Options on the Processing tab  
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