Setting cost to zero for items with zero quantities


There are many reasons for Sage to associate cost to items with zero quantities. It is, however, easy to check your system periodically and make sure the cost is set to zero if the item is no longer in stock.   



There are two methods in adjusting the cost to zero. The first is to go through the inventory manually and identify which items with zero quantities have an associated cost. This is most easily done using the IC Valuation Report and set the Include options to include only zero quantities and non-zero costs.  This will provide a list of items which need to be adjusted. 

Then issue an IC Adjustment against each one to correct the cost, using a 'cost increase' or 'cost decrease' Adjustment Type.

The second method, using a function called 'Process Adjustment', is much more efficient and essentially creates the same Adjustment batch. The difference is in the second method, the system looks through IC items for items with zero quantities, rather than looking manually. It will create an adjustment entry that can be viewed and edited before posting. 

The following are the steps for using Process Adjustment to set the cost to zero for items with zero quantities.  

  1. Run Day End
  2. Open Process Adjustment from IC Periodic Processing
  3. Select your location and item range
  4. Adjustment: Total cost to zero for items with zero quantities
  5. Click on PROCESS
  6. When prompted to view the adjustment file, click YES
  7. View the adjustments and make any changes if necessary
  8. Select the date the batch should get posted to
  9. Post
  10. Run Day End and post the batch in GL


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