Error when printing AP Cheques

Problem Details:

When printing an AP cheque the following error message occurs:

"Crystal Reports Error:  c:\sage\sageaccpac\BK61A\ENG\APCHK_custom.rpt - File not found"  where apchk_custom is not a standard Sage check spec, but a custom spec.



This message indicates that the program cannot locate the custom report.  Confirm a custom directory is listed in the Administrative Services / Customization Directory screen.  In some cases, customization directories are listed separately for each individual company.  If no customization directory exists for the particular company, add it here. 

Ensure that the custom spec file is placed in the custom directory.  The user must logout and log back into Sage before any changes made to the custom directory will take effect. 

Alternatively, the custom spec file can be put into the standard program files directory, however, this is not recommended as it may be missed as a custom report upon upgrading the software.



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