Reports print for one user, but not another

Problem Details:

Printing of specific (or multiple) reports may be functional for one user, but not another; or may be functional for one company but not all companies.



Browse to the shared data folder.  The shared data location is specified under Help / System Information.

Click on the Users folder, and locate the User for which the report does not print.  Open that folder. There will be files in that folder specific to each companyID and ending in _p.ism and _c.ism.  For example:  ABCDAT_p.ism and ABCDAT_c.ism.  Rename one or both of these files and have the user logout of Sage and then log back in.  The files will be re-created.  Test the report.  This resets all printing and customization settings back to default, and the user will have to make any necessary changes to their desktops and settings.  Renaming these files will also help with issues with the finder (F5). 


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