Receipt for several different Customer accounts and one of them has a credit balance

Problem Details:

One cheque has been received to pay for several customer accounts.  One of those accounts has a credit balance and that credit has been used in the receipt.  The user is breaking down the receipt into separate entries to post to the individual accounts.  How to apply the receipt to this credit balance in one of the customer account since negative receipts cannot be entered?



The best way to deal with this situation is to avoid it completely by the use of National Accounts.  However, if NA has not been setup, the recommended solution is to issue a debit note to the customer with the credit balance, and issue a credit to another customer account who has a larger balance owing than the credit value.  Post both the debit and credit notes to the same GL accounts for no net effect.  Adjust the receipt amount for each of the customer accounts to take into consideration the new balances on each account.  This avoids the 'negative' receipt entry, which is not allowed in Sage.

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