Data Integrity Error - Invalid Input. Fiscal Period for Fiscal Year is Locked

Problem Details:

A data integrity report for Purchase Orders shows the following error:

Receipt: RCP0003485
E: Invalid input. Fiscal period 7 for fiscal year 2015 is locked
for Purchase Orders in Common Services' Fiscal Calendar.



This error message indicates that the receipt specified is incomplete because it has not yet been fully invoiced.  When the invoice is received, if the date on the invoice is back-dated to the receipt date, it will not be able to be posted successfully, since the fiscal period is locked. 

The simplest "solution" to getting rid of the error is to unlock the period.  However, that does not solve the problem of the receipt being an incomplete document.  This is a flag that goods have been received, but not yet invoiced through the PO module.  It is possible that the invoice has, in fact, been entered, but through the AP module, and this will has not affected the status of the Receipt document.  In this case, to complete the receipt and eliminate the data integrity error, enter the invoice through PO and then when the invoice is transferred into an AP Invoice Batch (usually during day end processing) - delete the entry before posting the invoice batch in AP to avoid duplicating the invoice.  If the invoice has not yet been received from the vendor, when it is received, it should be entered through PO Transactions / Invoice Entry (as opposed to entering the invoice through Receipt Entry) so that the invoice date can be specified into the correct period for aging purposes, but the posting date can be entered for an unlocked period.

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