Pay link is not present for some Bills

Problem Details:

When reviewing the Bills in AP, some of the invoices are missing the Pay link.



In Accounts Payables, clicking on Bills, brings up a list of invoices which may have a status of paid, partially paid, or posted.  Normally, when an invoice is posted or partially paid, there is a link, 'Pay', on the invoice line which, when clicked, opens the Select Bills to Pay screen, with that invoice already selected.  This is a shortcut to paying individual invoices.  However, in some cases, that Pay link is absent.  When the original invoice balance is a negative, the Pay link will not be available.  Even if the credit lines of the invoice have been paid (credits taken) and the balance owing on the invoice is not a negative amount, the Pay link still doens't show up because of the original credit balance.  The only way to pay this bill will be to use the AP / Select Bills to Pay function instead of the shortcut.

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