Invoice shows up as both a credit and invoice on Select Invoices to Pay

Problem Details:

In the Select Invoices to Pay screen, why does an invoice show up in the 'Available Credits' section AND the 'Available Invoices' section?



It is possible when entering an AR invoice to have negative line items, as well as regular charges on detail lines.  Even though the invoice net amount is an amount due and owing, the negative line items are displayed as credits on the Select Invoices to Pay screen.  For example:  if there are two line items on Invoice 1234 as follows:

  • line item 1 is a credit for $150.00
  • line item 2 is a debit for $500.00
  • Net amount owing from the customer on this invoice is $350.00

Invoice 1234 will be displayed on the available credits with a credit balance of $150, and will be displayed on the available invoices section with a balance owing of $500.  When processing the payment for this customer in the amount of $350, both the credit and debit invoices must be selected. 

To avoid having the "duplicate" entry of the invoice in both the credit and invoice sections - the user can process a zero receipt and select the credit first, and then the invoice - adjust the amount paid for the invoice to the amount of the credit and save.  When opening the Select Invoices to Pay screen again, the credit will be gone, and the invoice will show in the Available Invoices section for the net due amount.

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